Everyone Should have the Chance to Minister the Love of God to a Hurting World...

If You're Saved, Love Jesus, and Honestly Want to Help People...then You can be Ordained or Receive a Church Charter!

Gospel Revelation, Inc. is a Full Gospel Fellowship of churches and ministers, dedicated to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We provide church charters, licenses, and ordinations for ordinary people.

By ordinary, I'm talking about people that are called to minister, but just don't have the time and means to attend school for years. We care more about your faithfulness to God and your integrity to man than we do about the degrees after your name.

In order to be ordained or have a church charter, you need to:

  • Be saved.
  • Provide references.
  • Fill out the simple form.
  • Be approved by your minister.

We firmly believe that everyone should have a chance to minister the love of God to a hurting world...even if you haven't spent the last 4 years of your life in Bible school..

The most important requirements for ministry are having a personal relationship with Christ and walking in the love of God.

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