Ordination, Licenses, And Exhorter

There are several benefits of being ordained or licensed through Gospel Revelation, Inc. The first benefit is that you will be free from the intimidation that comes from being in huge Christian Organizations. No one can minister out of the love of God if they are being bound by numerous regulations written by men.

Ordained Ministers and Licensed Ministers can perform marriages, conduct funerals, baptize believers, and also serve at any function which calls for an ordained minister.

An exhorter is a beginner in the ministry. He or she can do none of the above. However, you can assist pastor in functions of the church. An Exhorter can be licensed after one year and by the approval of their pastor only.

There is a small application fee of $50.00 dollars for each application of ordination, license, or exhorter. This is a one time fee and is non-refundable.

Church Charter

When you receive a church charter from Gospel Revelation, Inc., we will never interfere with church business or policy. You don't have to stay a part of Gospel Revelation, Inc. forever. Any church can drop out of the Fellowship at anytime they choose to do so.

Gospel Revelation, Inc. is only a channel your church can work through. Any church that has Fellowship with Gospel Revelation, Inc. can ordain their ministers through the Fellowship.

Your church will receive tax exempt status for your tithe payers and givers. All ministers can also operate through your church, being under their pastor.

There is a one time fee of $50.00 per church charter. This is a one time fee and is non-refundable.

No minister will be ordained from any Gospel Revelation Fellowship Church without approval of the pastor.

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